Friday, July 4, 2014

Hiligaynon WHAT? Happy 4th of July!

Kamusta ko everyone!

So this week was pretty awesome! I love the mtc! It the hardest thing I've ever done and a lot harder than I ever thought it was going to be! But it is also the most awesome thing I have every done. I love being a missionary so much! So the language is very hard. We are teaching an "investigator" and it is crazy! She speaks in Hiligaynon the whole time. Out first lesson I could not understand one thing she said to me. I was so discouraged. But I was also very humbled too.

Story time! So the Wednesday I got here I guess I lost a bag. And it had my temple recommend and drivers license and debit card and all that kinda stuff in. Yeah, I was so scared. I looked everywhere and could not find. I prayed everyday that it would show up. But it didn't so I talked to my branch president he said to just call my parents to tell you I lost it and to cancel my card. I knew I would loose if I heard their voice and had to give them bad news so I said a prayer as me and Sister Pattillo were walking to the main desk to call and I felt like everything was going to be alright right after my prayer and it was so surprising to me.
So I asked the front desk for the phone and they asked me for me name and I said Sister Schimbeck, obviously and they were like oh we have something for you sister and they came back with my missing bag! I asked who found it so I could thank them and they said they have no idea who found it, it was just there. My testimony in prayer grew so much right then! I know he listens to and answers all our prayers! Yeah.

Well I'm out of time so I just love being a missionary and all the memories I'm making here!

Sister Schimbeck

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